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What to the Slave is the 4th of July - A Reading of Frederick Douglass’ 1852 Speech

July 5, 2021

Christian leaders from around the country read the words of Frederick Douglass from his speech, “What to the Slave is the Fourth of July?” originally given on July 5th 1852.

Readers include Lisa Sharon Harper, Rev. Dr. Michael Waters, Alex Mack, Shane Claiborne, Bishop Patricia Davenport, Rev. Sharon Risher, Pastor Jonny Rashid, Rob Schenck, Dave Gibbons, Doug Pagitt, Rev. Wayne Croft, Pastor Jonathan Brooks, Diana Oestreich, Elaina Ramsey, Rev. Dr. Malcolm Byrd, Lindsey Pruett-Hornbaker, Pastor Cean James, Rev. Glencie Rhedrick, Dr. Barbara Williams-Skinner, Rev. Dr. Donna Jones, Art Hooker, Pastor Mike McBride, Rev. Terrance M. McKinley, and Kimberly K-Lee Johnson. 


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