Common Good Podcast

Electionary 8.4

August 6, 2020

During this weekly digital gathering we are guided by artists, theologians, preachers, activists, and communicators through music, prayer, and a reflection on a Biblical passage that will help us understand the significance of our faith in this election.


Electionary Reflection:

Dr. David P. Gushee, Ph.D. has been the Distinguished University Professor of Christian Ethics and Director of the Center for Faith and Public Life at Mercer University since 2007. 


In January 2016 he was elected President-Elect of the Society of Christian Ethics. He is a columnist for Religion News Service in Washington.

Gushee served as president of Evangelicals for Human Rights, an organization advocating for an end to torture, especially that sponsored by the United States government.



Where We Find Ourselves: 


Rev. Dr. Michael W. Waters is an award-winning author, professor, activist, and founding pastor of Joy Tabernacle African Methodist Episcopal (A.M.E.) Church in Dallas, Texas. @RevDrMikeWaters


Sign up for Rev. Waters' four week course of study on systemic racism and the Black experience: Makes Me Wanna Holler



Amy Sullivan has covered religion and politics as an editor at TIME, Yahoo,the Washington Monthly, and National Journal. She is the author of “The Party Faithful” and co-host of the podcast Impolite Company. @sullivanamy



Joel Weir is a songwriter and priest in the Orthodox Church in America. @joeldavidweir




Brian McLaren is a pastor, author, activist, speaker and leading voice for the emerging church. McLaren is also associated with postmodern Christianity and progressive Christianity and is a major figure in post-evangelical thought. @brianmclaren


Patrick Carolan had been the executive director of the Franciscan Action Network since 2010 before joining Vote Common Good in 2020. He is also a co-founder of the Global Catholic Climate Movement, an organization working on global climate justice issues as well as Faithful Democracy, a faith coalition focused on the issue of Money in Politics, working to educate on the corruptive influence of big money on our democracy.



Samir Selmanović Ph.D., PCC serves as Co-Chair and Director of Strategy and Partnerships at Vote Common Good. @samirselmanovic 



Doug Pagitt is a pastor, author, social activist and the Executive Director of Vote Common Good. @pagitt


You can join the Electionary Livestream every Tuesday at 8:00p.m. ET via Facebook or Zoom.


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