Common Good Podcast

Electionary 6.2

June 5, 2020

During this weekly digital gathering we will be guided by some of the best thinkers, preachers and communicators in the country through a Biblical passage that will help us understand the significance of our faith in this election. These digital gatherings include music, discussion, prayer, and a short sermon.


You can join the Electionary Livestream every Tuesday at 8:00p.m. ET via Facebook or Zoom.


Doug Pagitt is a pastor, author, social activist and the Executive Director of Vote Common Good. @pagitt



Meah Pace is the renowned singer from dance/punk band “!!!” (Chk Chk Chk) and a featured singer in the Resistance Revival Chorus.



Rev. Dr. Michael W. Waters is an award-winning author, professor, activist, and founding pastor of Joy Tabernacle African Methodist Episcopal (A.M.E.) Church in Dallas, Texas. @RevDrMikeWaters



Aaron Niequist is a liturgist, writer, and pastor currently living in NYC. After leading worship at Mars Hill Church (Grand Rapids, MI) and Willow Creek Church (Barrington, IL), he created A New Liturgy - a collection of modern liturgical worship recordings. He is also the author of The Eternal Current: How a Practice-Based Faith Can Save Us from Drowning. @aaronnieq



Amy Sullivan has covered religion and politics as an editor at TIME, Yahoo, the Washington Monthly, and National Journal. She is the author of “The Party Faithful” and co-host of the podcast Impolite Company. @sullivanamy



Samir Selmanović Ph.D., PCC serves as Co-Chair and Director of Strategy and Partnerships at Vote Common Good. @samirselmanovic



Joel Weir is a songwriter and priest in the Orthodox Church in America. @joeldavidweir



Daniel Deitrich is a singer-songwriter, activist, and former worship pastor from South Bend, Indiana, and produces the Vote Common Good Podcast. @danieldeitrich

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