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Common Good Science - Take a Tour of Astrophysicist Paul Wallace’s Planetarium and Telescope

August 26, 2022

Astrophysicist Paul Wallace gives us a tour through the planetarium and observatory that is his new office. Plus he and Doug Pagitt talk about the new mission to the moon that could pave the way for trips to Mars.


Doug Pagitt and Paul Wallace discuss new images from the James Webb Telescope of the Cartwheel Galaxy in the Sculptor constellation that is actually two galaxies colliding with each other.


Paul Wallace is an astrophysicist, professor, pastor, and avid birder. He writes and speaks at the intersection of faith and science and holds a PhD in physics from Duke University and an MDiv from Emory University’s Candler School of Theology.   /  /


Doug Pagitt is the Executive Director and one of the founders of Vote Common Good. He is also a pastor, author, and social activist.  @pagitt


Daniel Deitrich is a singer-songwriter, former-pastor-turned-activist, and producer of The Common Good Podcast. @danieldeitrich

Our theme music is composed by Ben Grace. @bengracemusic

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