Common Good Podcast

Common Good Politics - Vaccine Hesitancy and Trump’s Lingering Influence

April 27, 2021

Doug Pagitt and Robb Ryerse discuss the week's political and political-adjacent headlines including a poll showing 46% of Republicans disagree with Derek Chauvin being found guilty of murdering George Floyd, a rise in vaccine hesitancy, and the lingering influence of Donald Trump over lawmakers like Rep. Kevin McCarthy. 


Doug Pagitt is the Executive Director and one of the founders of Vote Common Good. He is also a pastor, author, and social activist.  @pagitt


Robb Ryerse is a pastor, author, and Political Organizer at Vote Common Good. You can find his book about running for congress as a Progressive Republican in Arkansas here: Running For Our Lives  @RobbRyerse


The Common Good Podcast is produced and edited by Daniel Deitrich. @danieldeitrich

Our theme music is composed by Ben Grace. @bengracemusic

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