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Common Good Politics - Confronting Ted Cruz and the NRA

May 31, 2022

Doug Pagitt and Robb Ryerse are joined by Benjamin Hernandez who confronted Ted Cruz about his lack of action around gun violence prevention. Doug shares about being kicked out of the NRA Prayer Breakfast for calling for prayer for the victims of the Uvalde and Buffalo massacres. 


Benjamin Hernandez is an activist, immigrant, father, and supporter of democracy. He has extensive experience organizing for both electoral and non-electoral causes, with a specialty in digital communications and community outreach. He is the Founder of Human Age Digital, Co-Founder of Vote Simple and is part of the leadership team of Indivisible Houston which works to hold elected leaders accountable. 



For the video version, check out our Youtube Chanel:


Robb Ryerse is a pastor, author, and Political Organizer at Vote Common Good. You can find his book about running for congress as a Progressive Republican in Arkansas here: Running For Our Lives  @RobbRyerse


Doug Pagitt is the Executive Director and one of the founders of Vote Common Good. He is also a pastor, author, and social activist.  @pagitt


Daniel Deitrich is a singer-songwriter, former-pastor-turned-activist, and producer of The Common Good Podcast. @danieldeitrich

Our theme music is composed by Ben Grace. @bengracemusic

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