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Common Good Music - Malcolm du Plessis, Common Hymnal

February 22, 2021

Introducing, Common Good Music, part of the Vote Common Good Daily Podcast. On Common Good Music we spotlight the music of the movement - songs that speak truth to power, name the pain and injustice in the world, and help us dream of a better way forward.


In this episode, host Daniel Deitrich talks art and activism with Malcolm du Plessis, founder of Common Hymnal (no relation to Vote Common Good, but pretty great name if you ask us). Common Hymnal is an artist collective that fuses praise and protest as a way to respond to the struggles in our nation and the world. It is worship music that refuses to be escapist, but instead finds the patient Christ willing to sit with us in our pain.


Songs featured in this episode:


God is Not Abusive - Brittney Spencer


He Has Time - Jamie MacDonald


Rose Petals - Dee Wilson


How Much Longer - DJ Griffin, Seaux Chill, April Lee


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