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Common Good Economics - What Biden’s Big Spending Plan Means for the Economy

April 30, 2021

President Biden is proposing roughly $6 trillion in federal spending. We ask our resident economist, Professor Fadhel Kaboub, what such spending would mean for the economy and how inflation can be avoided.


Fadhel Kaboub, Ph.D. is President of the Global Institute for Sustainable Prosperity and Associate Professor of Economics at Denison University. His research focuses on the Political Economy of the Middle East and the fiscal and monetary policy dimensions of job creation programs. He is a widely published author and his recent work has been presented at many prestigious institutions including the Harvard Kennedy School of Government, Harvard Law School, Cornell University, Columbia University, Sorbonne University, and the National University of Singapore.



Doug Pagitt is the Executive Director and one of the founders of Vote Common Good. He is also a pastor, author, and social activist. @pagitt


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